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Ian Stobie

Ian has pioneered a number of new technologies in the people management field during his 25 year career. This includes the creation and delivery of Oracle’s global Payroll and HR systems in over 40 countries.  He now specialises in applying innovative predictive analytics technology to improve organisational and people performance. Ian is also engaged in researching how the application of artificial intelligence may provide the opportunity to more effectively manage and deliver the automation of discrete advice in relation to existing HR (self) service operations.  


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Ian has engaged with over 1000 organisations in 40 different countries, including many US, European and EMEA multinationals, and has high international channel expertise. Ian specialises in developing strategies with clients that create effective people management and performance systems, particularly around how they communicate, interact and perform collaboratively.

He uses technology to find the efficiencies but also neutralise any blockers to business performance goals. He has set up and helped launch various technology-based HR service businesses, and advises organisations on how to use technology to create value through differentiated propositional and delivery offerings.

Ian’s areas of expertise over the last decade have developed to encompass an increasing awareness of embedding digital security within any proposition to aid compliance, the protection of IPR and sensitive data. He also works in the field of predictive analytics assisting clients to model and understand their data, and how it can be applied to create efficiency, profitability and change.