The 9 Situations

Growth and Performance Consultancy

Our clients, large and small, tell us that growth and performance are the two areas that they most think about in terms of the development and success of their business, and where an external perspective is most valuable

This echoes the findings of BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) that businesses that seek external advice and information are 14% more ambitious and 50% more successful than those that do not (BIS , 2010)

We work with organisations to create or review their mid-term strategies, and to build cogent plans that will deliver high value, high growth business outcomes. This is balanced with an audit of their financial and operational capability to ensure the delivery of the enhanced growth and/or performance goals is sustainable

We use a variety of tools to help evaluate an organisation’s current state of readiness compared to the targeted future state including the Government’s Growth Accelerator models and predictive analytics


People Performance Analytics Programme (PPAP)

Our People Performance Analytics programme is custom developed to meet clients specific needs and priorities. We only engage where we are confident the action taken will generate a minimum of 5 times investment spend in tangible benefit realisation. The core to generating these results is based on using some world leading analytical methodologies and technology developed by our UK partner.

In addition to our leading technology we are offering clients a unique set of skills and capability to rapidly generate real business value. We have a unique relationship with a specialist analytics team from a leading UK university and associates with over 20 years of global people measurement, metrics and analytical skills.

We aim to rapidly create unique competitive advantage and value for clients by deploying ‘predictive actionable analytics’ to improve the outcomes from high value people decisions, in many areas for example:

Workforce Planning and Utilisation

Selection & Hiring and Internal Mobility

Performance Management


How it works – Building capability and delivering early results

  • Initial short diagnostics, workshop to assess potential benefit realisation target is achievable. (1-3days)
  • Develop a high level business case, plan (roadmap) and vision development to build measurement, reporting and analytical capability
  • Identify key people performance measures/issues and build analytics and predictive modelling frameworks
  • Education – train key stakeholders in applying People Analytics to improve business results


A key part of our capability is to quickly embed any process logic for a decision within a clients existing orfuture workforce applications utilising our Machine learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) application. We use Big Data analytic tools & techniques to achieve this.

We recommend clients start with a small proof of concept (POC) to enable a low risk strategy to gain a tangible understanding of capability before rolling out a more comprehensive usage of the platform.