You don’t always have to go outside… another of my career 9 Situations

 IMG_0487-001  …to do something different and career enhancing

The success of my leadership (and my teams, of course!) again helped cement my reputation of making things happen, of getting things done.

This led to the Private Bank’s CEO asking me to lead the review, restructuring and implementation of the Organisational Design of a new banking unit following the merger of International Banking & Private Banking.   I asked him ‘why me’ as I had no previous experience of this sort of work. He said he knew I would get it done, and if there were any problems, I would go to him with not just the issues but also the options to resolve them. I became the Head of Organisational Design and Implementation, and 15 months on we completed the restructure on time and within budget, and it provided me with an invaluable new career experience.

The global client referral programme I developed at Zurich whilst Head of Corporate Pensions was a further example. It increased my internal profile tremendously in the UK and across Europe and the US; and led to my being offered a global role.

Reflection: Once again it was my personal business model that enabled me to take on a very challenging role; I was able to apply the fundamentals of that (goal identification, gap analysis of where we were to goal and plan to close the gap) and was successful. The fact that I was also very interested in restructuring made me really think about the How?  I would approach the project.