Does trust impact the way you work? – Making sure you don’t have any smoking guns?

Working with 3rd parties

In the past 10+ years I have not met a single organisation that does not work with external 3rd parties in some form e.g. cloud service, channel distribution, product development, legal etc. An NDA is usually signed. However, in the absence of a common method (technology) to secure shared content does this actually restrict who you can work with or the success, quality or speed of the activity output? 

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What’s the issue?

It’s really difficult to protect your digital content when its left your building!

Digital Leakage Prevention DLP, copyright infringement are hot topics (just look at the Yahoo Facebook / Apple and almost everyone!.

Claiming infringement damages after the event is all about a legal process = expensive and time consuming plus you only go after those who can pay. It also may include significant reputational risk impact with your existing clients or suppliers etc. i.e. You Do NOT Want To Do This!

In theory you can protect everything but it has not been practical or affordable to the vast majority of businesses and individuals.

What new technologies are available to make life easier?

  1. Ensuring I know who I am working with – authentication
  2. Know I am sending information to and from that is encrypted all the way and also ‘at rest’ I.e. Easy to ensure we are communication securely and the content once in the hands of my collaborator it will be secure i.e. cannot ‘lose it’ if his pc /laptop/mobile phone gets stolen I know my stuff is secure (don’t really care about the rest of his/her stuff).
  3. I sign an NDA – paperwork – could I do this digitally?
  4. Control the documents, watermark, protect what they can do, who can share?
  5. Simple cloud service to use and collaborate with who you need.

Some key points

  1. Ease of implementation. Setting up the other party to send and receive your content. What do I have to do?
  2. Affordability. Cost of it – consumable service
  3. Usability. How does it work with my existing technology?