The 9 Situations

Executive and Top Team Coaching

Making timely and appropriate decisions at both the strategic and operational level is one of the critical indicators of successful leadership in most organisations. We work with executives and senior teams to help them to:

- evaluate and upgrade their individual collective decision-making competencies and skills, and

- increase the effectiveness of the various fora that deliver the organisation’s direction, enterprise and results through sessions or programmes under the following:

  • Senior Leadership Dashboard
  • High Performance Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership Behaviours and Role Modelling
  • Board and Committee Effectiveness Series
  • Building Diversity to Transform Performance
  • Leadership Readiness (for high potential staff)


We also create and deliver highly effective initiatives that support the retention and development of high potential men and women in an organisation’s leadership talent pool. This is offered through training modules, facilitated workshops and coaching programmes on most of the above themes